Oranges at Christmas in a Communist Country: An Inspirational Memoir

Oranges at Christmas in a Communist Country: An Inspirational Memoir
: Cristina G.
: 92
: Non Fiction : General
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“What are these, Mum?” I curiously asked. “Balls? But you don't play with balls! You can give them to Sebi,” (my little brother).

My mother burst into tears and I couldn't understand why.

I've never seen an orange before, maybe only on television, but as it was the black and white era, I didn't know they were in fact orange! There were many things we didn't see or imagined during the communist regime. We only knew how to work the land, follow the rules without questioning, and praise the leaders of the country.

Every time I peel an orange, that memory comes back exactly as that evening when I was overwhelmed by pain from seeing my mother crying, and by happiness when understanding why she reacted so.

A memoir packed with inspirational true to fact stories of a Romanian woman born and raised during one of the most oppressive communist regimes of Eastern Europe. Communism is an outstanding theory on paper – a Utopia – in reality, is slavery. Farmers’ children were required to work the land to reach the targets and pay the debts made by the irrational dictator. Oppression, persecution, censure, austerity brought people to their knees. The population kept in the dark, deprived of dignity and freedom, revolted in the end. On the 25th of December 1989, Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu – the leaders of the Republic Socialist of Romania – were shot dead. Romanians were free. However, “be careful what you wish for.”

This memoir and Ten Years in Italy, Three Weeks a Human are gathered in Humans Cursed by Geography in the Pursuit of Happiness.

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