The Rise of Cathenfahl

The Rise of Cathenfahl
: James C.G. Shirk
: James C.G. Shirk
: 166
: Fiction : General
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Dariana, a girl of faerie-human parentage, is born into a world where she cannot stay. As a child, she is taken to the faerie world of Tir fo Thuinn where she is raised by Merrows. Little does she know that upon becoming a young woman, she’ll be forced to spend the rest of her life working as a scullery maid in the basement kitchens of the Merrow Sanctum.
There, year after year, she languishes under the brutal rule of Grocy, the kitchen overseer. However, a recurring dream—one that promises the opportunity of a new life for all mixed-blood servants—fills her with hope. Dari is unsure how to achieve her goal until she meets an enigmatic young man who helps develop her potential.
Armed with a new vision she proceeds, but her plans fall prey to others as they seek to use her efforts as a means to achieve their own unscrupulous ends. Schemes are hatched and tensions escalate. A murderous act during a royal gala changes everything. Now Dari’s dream, her fate, and the fate of all her sister servants hangs in the balance as she fights for her life and her dream.

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