The Candle: A Story of Horror

The Candle: A Story of Horror
: Charles Howard
: 82
: Fiction : General
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The wax is Its prison. The fire is Its savior. And you are Its puppet.

Lighting a candle. That's all that Stephen did. Now he is under the spell of a creature he doesn't understand, and nobody else can see. He doesn't always have control of his body. And strange disappearances are leading him to the conclusion that he isn't safe to be around.

Is Stephen going crazy? Or is there really a creature inside the wax? And if there is, how can he escape?

The Candle is a lovecraftian horror story with an edge of humor. If you love gripping prose, strange twists and terrifying creatures, you will love this tale from the mind of Charles Howard.

Buy your copy and read the shocking conclusion.

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