Reminiscence (Statera Saga Book 1)

Reminiscence (Statera Saga Book 1)
: Amy Marie
: 371
: Fiction : General
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Two old souls reunite by chance and discover what evil drove them apart... and is still lurking.

Nora Hutchinson has had feelings of déjà vu throughout her life. After her recent move to Boston for college, these feelings have suddenly become an everyday occurrence, taking on a new form by invading her dreams and nightmares. After chance meetings with two familiar strangers, Nora is lured into a task she never could have imagined. As she tries to sort out her dreams from her memories, she is pulled into the middle of an ancient quest she never dreamed could be possible.

Reminiscence is based on an old Platonic theory with a supernatural twist, and weaves in history, romance, and intrigue in an urban fantasy setting. Discover the Statera Saga today!

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