WordPress: Creating Visual Web & Membership sites using Beaver Builder and Insta-Member

WordPress: Creating Visual Web & Membership sites using Beaver Builder and Insta-Member
: Eric Rovelto
: 92
: Fiction : Romance
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WordPress is possibly the number one tool on the Internet today for creating and maintaining web sites. It is estimated at six out of ten sites on the web are using WordPress as their back end and this number is only expected to rise in the years to come.

The main drawback to WordPress however is that it relies on third party tools and plugins to get additional power. This has lead the WordPress community to come up with countless of different options to satisfy the growing demand for more features and functionality.

So, what does that mean for you? Well, as a WordPress developer myself I have been searching and struggling to find just the right tools to get my web sites up and running. I have tried free tools and plugins, paid tools and even tried developing my own tools. Through all of this trial and error and self-exploration I have come up with my own personal cocktail of tools that I personally use for my WordPress sites and decided to give you, the struggling designer my personal list.

In this book we are going to go into the setup and installation of WordPress on a new hosting account. I will then go into my list of personal plugins and tools that I recommend you download and install on your WordPress site. Then I am going to go through the three main tools that I use as the backbone of my WordPress Sites.

At the end of this book you will have a clear cut direction you can travel in to get started with WordPress and begin developing amazing looking sites. You will know what these tools are, what they do and how you can create not only breathtaking blogs but full blow membership sites and content sites that look like you paid thousands for.
So, if you have been struggling to get your WordPress sites up and running and have gone through countless books, magazines and YouTube videos on the subject just to piece together a little bit of information stop and download this book today. At the end you will have the knowledge and drive to start making visually stunning sites like a pro.

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