How to Attract a Loving Relationship: A 6 Step Process to Take You from Single to a Couple

How to Attract a Loving Relationship: A 6 Step Process to Take You from Single to a Couple
: Steven Kozak, Rosemary Heenan, Xavier Zimms
: Proxy Publishing
: 31
: Non Fiction : General
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How to Attract a Loving Relationship

If true love has eluded you, and you feel helpless to find a relationship that will last, then this is the book for you. Steven Kozak provides a simple step-by-step guide to changing your mindset about love and relationships to help you open your mind and heart to a loving and committed relationship.

To find the right life partner, to find real intimacy, you have to start with a long hard look at your core values. Kozak offers exercises and advice on how to evaluate your mindset about love and intimacy, your expectations, and how to let go of negative self-images that are being reflected back to you in your relationships.

While you might find some of the exercises painfully revealing about yourself and your behavior, ultimately they are designed to help you break destructive thought patterns and free your mind and heart from the pain of past failed relationships.

Steven Kozak helps readers to reveal the truth behind what is holding them back in love and guide them down the path to happiness and fulfillment in all areas of their lives.

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