TIER Unit 3-1, Day One: Attacked

TIER Unit 3-1, Day One: Attacked
: Lincoln James
: Crater of the North
: 179
: Fiction : Mystery
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A terror cell spread far and wide … a series of random targets … five days to take them down.

Lincoln James’s debut work is described by ReadersFavorite.com as "fast-paced and action-packed ... Jack Miller is worth watching in this continuing series.” Get in early to read this thrilling new voice in the action thriller genre!

When a series of jihad-inspired “lone wolf” style attacks hits Los Angeles, tracking down the seemingly unconnected terror cells appears impossible. However, recently returned from a suspension, Jack Miller rallies his Terror Incident Emergency Response Unit – TIER Unit 3-1 – and takes over from an overstretched LAPD.

But as Jack’s elite squad battles to hunt the people responsible, a man of great intelligence - driven by a hatred not even he can control - prepares his soldiers for war.

TIER Unit 3-1sees Jack Miller attempt to first win over his team and his superiors, then bring in a terrorist mastermind whose endgame cannot yet be seen.

Day One: Attacked is the first in a series of five novellas pursuing this story over the course of a thrilling 5-book action-adventure series. While this book is free to all, each subsequent installment is priced $1.49US / $1.99CA / £1.19GBP. OR:

Save up to a third off the individual prices with a value box set also available. $3.99US / $4.99 CA / £2.99GBP for all five books (territorial pricing outside the US and UK may vary).

Look up Lincoln James or code B071D326H3 in the Amazon search bar.

Author Q & A

Q: What’s the conceit here? Why five books?

A: The idea is to structure the adventure like a TV series. Five books laid out in which each “episode” sees a different objective within a bigger whole. Inspired by shows like Quantico, 24, Homeland.

Q: So it’s not like a series of cliffhangers?

A: Not like a guy with a gun to his head or falling out of a helicopter, then “duh-duh-duuuuh!” Fade to black. No. The days are complete, but the ultimate goal in the story – to catch the terrorist mastermind – is not resolved until the fifth and final book.

Q: And they’re all shorter than most novels?

A: Each day is about half the length of a regular novel, although many authors are writing shorter works these days. When a story doesn’t need to be 100,000 words, why not write it in 30-40,000? You see this with James Patterson and his “Bookshots” range, which are shorter, incredibly fast-paced novellas. That’s the kind of pace and tone I’m aiming for with the TIER Unit books.

Q: The story goes big. Do some say too big?

A: Early readers have suggested it goes quite bananas. It’s elevated reality, not a gritty treatise on the War on Terror. I even invent certain facilities such as those used by the FBI or the Air Force. If you want reality, there are plenty of books for that; if you want entertainment, try the TIER Unit series.

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