Out of the Woods (The Coalescence Book 1)

Out of the Woods (The Coalescence Book 1)
: P.S. Power
: Orange Cat Publishing
: 371
: Fiction : General
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In the secret war between worlds, someone has to go and find the enemy.

Willum Baker, a humble boy from deep in the forest, is pulled into a war that no one even knows about. Now, he either learns to become the perfect spy, or everything, everywhere, will have never been at all.
He has help from a family he never knew, but in the end, Will is on his own. Fighting to understand hundreds of alien worlds, before it’s too late. If it’s possible, which is far from assured.
*Note: This story takes place in the Young Ancients, Infected, Shortcuts and Mr. Hartley universes. If you've ever wanted a really satisfying cross over that moved past the first few minutes of meetings, this series is for you!

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