William Barret Travis: Victory or Death

William Barret Travis: Victory or Death
: Jean Flynn
: JoSara MeDia
: 52
: Non Fiction : General
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Originally published in 1982, JoSara MeDia is proud to bring back to print this and other works by Jean Flynn.

William Barrett Travis was born in South Carolina, but his name will forever be linked to Texas and honored by Texans. He was only twenty-six and a lieutenant colonel in the Texas Army when he found himself in command of the Alamo. Faced with overwhelming numbers, Travis penned a letter seeking reinforcements. That letter addressed "To the People of Texas and All Americans in the World," has become one of the most often quoted and important documents in Texas history. Travis died with his men at the Alamo, but his legacy will live forever in the history of Texas. Jean Flynn is one of the most prolific authors profiling famous Texans for younger readers. In addition to William Barrett Travis: "Victory of Death," she has also written about Jim Bowie, Stephen F. Austin, James Butler Bonham, James W. Fannin, Anson Jones and Lady Bird Johnson.

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