Murder: Act Two (A Sister Sleuths Mystery Book 2)

Murder: Act Two (A Sister Sleuths Mystery Book 2)
: Rayna Morgan
: 260
: Fiction : Mystery
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Are love of adventure and loyalty traits worth dying for?

Maddy is your typical fun-loving drama queen. Her new acting career and adventurous nature put her right in the middle of a deadly poisoning during Act Two of the play. But, does she play too much?

Lea is a loyal friend, perhaps to a fault. Her loyalty involves her in the murder when a friend becomes the main suspect. Could she be wrong about this individual?

-When faced with danger, will Lea will be able to overcome her own fears in order to save her sister?
-Will our favorite canine sleuths, Gracie and Spirit, find clues to solve the case?
-Will being clever and astute be enough to keep the sister sleuths alive?

The clues are there for the observant, but the final revelations are sure to surprise. The tight, pacy plot leads the reader through twists and turns to a completely unpredictable ending.

This stand-alone novel is the second in the series featuring sister sleuths Lea and Maddy. Look for the other books in the popular mystery series including Murder at the Pier, Murder Western Style, and Three-Day Weekends are Murder.

If you love an exciting mystery with plot twists, humor, and a dash of romance, continue your Sister Sleuths journey with Murder:Act Two today!

What readers are saying:

“Awesome sisterly mystery. A mystery that is also steeped in romance and drama, Murder: Act Two incorporates much and succeeds with all.”-Brianna

“An excellent cozy mystery where the plot is good and everything seems realistic. Well worth reading and highly recommended.”-J Phillips

“The characters are likeable, colorful, fun, interesting, and full of energy. The story contains romance and drama with several twists and turns. Well worth the read.”-Renee

“Rayna Morgan weaves a tale with plots and subplots that kept me on my toes trying to guess whodunit.”-P Mitchell

“This story has many twists and turns and is fun to read. Lots of action and even some romance. It is a great weekend read or a perfect book for the beach.”-A Weston

“If you haven't discovered Rayna Morgan yet, you’re in for a treat.”-Kathy

“I can't wait to read the others books in the series! The characters are believable and great sister connection!”-P Martinez

Buy Murder:Act Two to continue your Sister Sleuths journey!

If you like Carolyn Dean, Mary Hiker, Dianne Harman, B.R. Snow, Agatha Frost or Ceecee James, you’ll love Rayna Morgan.

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