Feeder: Dystopian Science Fiction (Book 1, Feeder Series)

Feeder: Dystopian Science Fiction (Book 1, Feeder Series)
: Eliza Green
: Eliza Green Books
: 526
: Fiction : SciFi
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An orphaned teenager. A brutal re-training facility. Will she choose freedom or rebellion?

Seventeen-year-old Anya Macklin can’t shake the image of her parents’ murder. When rebels killed all the adults in town, authorities rounded up the orphans and sent them to a machine-run re-education facility. For Anya to escape, she’ll need to graduate nine grueling levels of tests where success could mean freedom… but failure is fatal.

Still numb with grief, Anya refuses to compete despite the insistence of a street-smart friend with dubious underground connections. When he graduates to the next level and two teenagers take their own lives in front of her, Anya knows she has to shake herself into action… but to survive the game she’ll need to choose between friend and foe.

Can Anya defeat a deadly training system, or will she become yet another victim of the treacherous program?

Feeder is the first book in the gritty science-fiction suspense series. If you like broken heroes, page-turning action, and intriguing twists you won't see coming, then you’ll love Eliza Green's fast-paced novel.

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