: W. Bradford Swift
: Creativia
: 168
: Fiction : SciFi
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When sixteen-year-old Buddy Clemson meets a stranger, he’s willing to overlook the young boy’s outlandish outfit and his strange habit of talking to himself. Little does Buddy know that he has just met a visitor from the planet Betelle, in training to become a Galactic Ambassador.

Glitch and his computerized trainer Qwirk crash land on Earth when their spaceship runs out of fuel - just the first unexpected twist in the jinxed training mission. Glitch’s chance to become a Galactic Ambassador is in jeopardy.

While Qwirk instructs Glitch to consider their time on this “pre-transformed” planet as just another part of his training, it doesn’t take long for Glitch to realize his first assignment may also be his last.

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