Kyle's Journey to the Forgotten Kingdom of Philidia

Kyle's Journey to the Forgotten Kingdom of Philidia
: Lysanne Olson
: Maplewood Publishing
: 67
: Non Fiction : General
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Follow Kyle as he discovers the forgotten kingdom of Philidia.
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Kyle is very excited today; he gets to look at the books Mr. Parker donated to his library. They are old and mysterious books. As he goes through the books, Kyle's attention is suddenly attracted to a particularly old and dusty book. As Kyle starts reading, a strange thing happens. He is dragged into the book and lands in a strange place, a place that he has never been before.

As he explores this strange new world, a mysterious voice tells him he is to be the future king of this lost world. Will Kyle really become king of Philidia? Will he be able to return home to his family? Who is this mysterious voice? As Kyle embarks on his journey across the forgotten kingdom, the magical forest and the land of Nowhere, many obstacles arise as he tries to save the people from Philidia and return home. Follow Kyle on his quest and discover this fantastic adventure with him.

This book is a chapter book for the 9-12 age group and has several images and the equivalent of 43 pages of text (250 words per page).

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