Land Buying Tips From the Pros: How to Buy Rural Real Estate

Land Buying Tips From the Pros: How to Buy Rural Real Estate
: Pat Porter
: RecLand Realty, LLC
: 87
: Non Fiction : Business
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No two tracts of land are the same. Each piece of rural real estate is unique in its own way according to its location and use.

Buying timberland is not the same as buying farm land.

Buying a wooded recreational tract is not the same as buying a wooded development tract.

This book will give you specific information as it relates to a number of different rural real estate types, scenarios and what-to-watch-fors. You'll learn a lot of how-to tips, and you will get good information that can save you money, make you money, save time or all 3!

Pat Porter is the broker for RecLand, the Duck & Buck Commander Endorsed Land Broker for six (and counting!) states.Pat made a few phone calls one morning to eight top notch land professionals he knows. He asked for their help. This book is the result. It’s a compilation of excellent advice from a group of men who have been directly involved in the purchase of hundreds of millions of dollars of rural real estate across the country.

The range of experiences of these contributors extends from farming to forestry; from internet to legal; and from the Midwest to the deep South. Each writer has pulled from his background, education and experience in buying and facilitating land sales to provide you with key tips that will make you a more successful land buyer.

These land pros aren’t practicing in theory. They are actively engaged in the land business they write about and even give you their contact information so you can use their services.

Get this book today! There's plenty of value for the price.

Pat's other books are "How to Sell Your Land Faster" and "The Stuff the Best Land Agents Do." Both books are available at Amazon in ebook & audio book at

You can also hear more practical information related to land, hunting, outdoor living and land-related topics by watching some of the videos at our video blog at You will see that we are "hands on" land and outdoors people. We do much of the the work we suggest in this book and have put our own money on the line to learn what makes a difference...and what doesn't.

RecLand Realty is the Duck Commander and Buck Commander Endorsed Land Broker and sells hunting land, timberland, farms and ranches in Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas, Iowa and Missouri. You can find it at
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