Configured: Book #1 in the Configured Trilogy

Configured: Book #1 in the Configured Trilogy
: Jenetta Penner
: Torment Publishing
: 368
: Fiction : SciFi
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Fans of Divergent, Hunger Games and the Maze Runner will crave this world of dark secrets, intrigue and thirst for a better tomorrow.
Winner of the best indie book of 2016 at ReadFreely and a chart topping Young Adult Dystopian book on Amazon with over 5 MILLION pagereads.
Praise for Configured: "Can I rate it 7 stars? This book is awesome!" "Better than Hunger Games and Divergent" "Hooked from the first chapter!"

There will come a day... when love will mark you as a traitor.

In a society where emotions are nothing and function iseverything, Avlyn Lark is just trying to blend in.

She's lucky to be alive, unlike her twin brother Ben who died when they werefour. And she's lucky to have been taken from her biological parents andassigned to a Level Two family. But mastering her emotions? That's a problem,especially when a rebel bomb blows up a building right in front of her. 

Then on Configuration Day, Avlyn's official transition to adulthood, she startsseeing strange visions. And instead of being placed with a low-level techcompany where she could hide away, she's hired by Genesis Technologies, thegovernment firm that monitors every citizen. 

Now, instead of blending in, Avlyn fears she'll be exposed for what she reallyis. If Gen Tech finds out how deeply she feels, it will ruin her life. And ifthey find out about her secret meetings with a mysterious but handsome memberof the rebel forces, her life will be more than ruined.

It will be over.

Buy Configured today to read a YA Dystopian/Light Romance that will leave you wanting more!

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