Junkyard Druid: A New Adult Urban Fantasy Novel (The Colin McCool Paranormal Suspense Series Book 1)

Junkyard Druid: A New Adult Urban Fantasy Novel (The Colin McCool Paranormal Suspense Series Book 1)
: M.D. Massey
: Modern Digital Publishing
: 302
: Fiction : General
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When a reluctant druid gets blackmailed into working for an evil faery queen, he'll walk through fire to complete one last job?—come hell or high magic!

Every druid knows...

Dealing with the Fae is a death sentence.

So why would I risk my life to help an evil Faery Queen?

A year ago I swore off druidry, and for good reason. Now I spend my days behind six acres of scrap iron, steel, and magic wards, where the fae can’t bother me.

But when a Faery Queen with god-like magical powers calls, you don’t send her to voicemail. Now I have no choice but to find out why evil incarnate has requested my presence.

One thing’s for sure...

If I get dragged back into the supernatural world, there's gonna be hell to pay for it!


A New Adult Urban Fantasy Novel From M.D. Massey

If you enjoy urban fantasy novels that feature snarky male protagonists, then you’ll love this paranormal thrill ride with a twist of mystery and suspense.

Because who doesn't love a down on his luck magician who has to fight to save the people he loves?

Grab a copy and start reading this nine-volume urban fantasy detective series today!

What Readers Are Saying:

"I was afraid that The Junkyard Druid was going to be another cheap Harry Dresden knockoff, but boy am I glad to be so wrong. It's hard to put into words why I enjoy this series so much. Maybe it's the humanity or the author's willingness to take on very real subjects like sex trafficking. I don't know. Whatever the reason, I'm hooked on the series." ~Matt S.

"I absolutely loved these books from the 1st sentence of the beginning of book one, to the last period... Great writing. On your seat throughout each chapter. Addictive. Never want to put the book down. And you think of it when not reading. Thank you for writing these amazing books for us humans to read!" ~Laurie H.

"In a genre that has become saturated by new authors, I never have a doubt about Michael’s books. They’re always exciting and give me hours of entertainment. My only complaint is he doesn’t pop out one epic novel a month!" ~Kenneth B.

"The Junkyard Druid is an entertaining and addictive entry in the urban fantasy genre!" ~Bob K.

"I find the Junkyard Druid series entertaining and compelling. I think M.D. Massey is giving Butcher a run for his money. Kudos!" ~Gary H.

"MD Massey's stories are excellent! The character has developed and is yet still the same cocky kid! The research on the Fae is excellent and helps the story flow and provide things to look up. All round fantastic literature for a really good price." ~Johns F.

"The Junkyard Druid series are really fun reads. Well thought out, engaging, with a cast of characters you can get behind! 100% recommend!" ~Nick H.

"An amazing world building author. The characters and plot lines have you sucked in and begging for more! Love it!" ~Andrea L.

"His books are great, the Junkyard Druid series is amazing. I've read them all and hope there's more." ~George C.

"The Colin McCool series is amazing. Found myself enthralled by the action, storytelling and comedy from start to finish. desperately awaiting the next installment!" ~Mic R.

"...among the best urban fantasy you're going to find." ~Todd C.

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