The Happiness Switch: How to Transform Anxiety, Depression and Other Negative Moods by Focusing On and Cultivating Good Feelings

The Happiness Switch: How to Transform Anxiety, Depression and Other Negative Moods by Focusing On and Cultivating Good Feelings
: Christine Ellis
: Good Feelings Press
: 138
: Non Fiction : General
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Don’t you wish you had a switch that you could just push to “make you happy”? As it turns out, you actually do!

Are you struggling with your moods? Anxiety? Depression, even? Do you feel easily overwhelmed by emotions – even run over by them? Do you have the feeling of “When it’s good, it’s really good! But when it’s bad… O-M-G!”?

Are you struggling with depression, anxiety, depression AND anxiety, bipolar, bipolar depression, PTSD, mood disorders, mental disorders and other "labels" (as I call them)?

Perhaps all your life you have been hearing words such as “intense” and “moody” - about you.

Maybe other people say to you: "Oh, stop being so sensitive!" or "afraid" or "anxious"...

Your close relationships suffer because others do not understand at all what your day-to-day reality is like: indeed, much more intense than what it seems to be for others. 

Sensations are stronger. You really seem to feel… well… everything! And, many times, it hurts! And you can’t turn it off!

Work is no picnic either. If you are lucky to be in a job or profession you like, you may have trouble concentrating whenever the “moods” or the depression and anxiety interfere. 

In short, you are a sensitive. Or “highly sensitive person”. What I call "a sensitive - and a creative" (because you cannot be a sensitive without being a creative).

So far I have given you the ‘bad news”.

The good news is that this “sensitive” way of being in the world is not a curse, but a blessing!

Don't listen to the depression and anxiety, the mood disorders and the mental health articles you can randomly find online... People complain about how much they can feel the negatives… and yet, nobody complains about how HAPPY they can feel! Or how joyful, peaceful, content, curious, elated, connected and so on.

It is logical that if you can powerfully do one (feel anxiety very strongly), you can do the opposite too! (feel joy very strongly too)

What if you had the power to bounce from depression and anxiety into an infinite world of good feelings and sensations?

Would life be worth living then?

What if you could stay there, in the happiness place, the majority of your time?

What could you do with all the power that you could gain from harnessing your capacity to feel good, doing so at will, cultivating happiness on purpose – as well as power, confidence and more?

Would that be a life worthy of you? Would it stop being “Hell” and start being the "Garden of Eden"?

Your mind, body and spirit are wired for happiness. I will show you how to flip the infinite number of switches that burn bright with the passion for life.

You will be the practical poet, the visionary, the empath and the intuitive you were born to be – and have, in fact, always been. You just need to learn how to steer this enormous amount of energy coursing through you in the form of emotion.

My name is Christine Ellis and I spent over two decades as a sensitive and a creative in agony. I broke myself in a million pieces through failed relationships, failed “careers”, poverty of all kinds and self-sabotage.

Then, I one day discovered a way to slowly, gently steer my feelings – and cultivate good ones ON PURPOSE. My life has never been the same. It is, now, working. And then some. So can yours.

Don’t wait another day, another month, another decade or a lifetime. Don’t give more time to the ghosts and the energy vampires. Don’t listen to the voices of your doubts and insecurities. Don’t listen to the wails of other people’s suffering – if those wails want to keep you in pain.

Shake yourself up and come claim your gift: YOUR AMAZING LIFE.

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