Hey Kids! Let's Visit London England: Fun Facts and Amazing Discoveries for Kids (Hey Kids! Let's Visit Travel Books #4)

Hey Kids! Let's Visit London England: Fun Facts and Amazing Discoveries for Kids (Hey Kids! Let's Visit Travel Books #4)
: Teresa Mills
: Life Experiences Publishing
: 110
: Non Fiction : General
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Visiting London with kids? Do you want your kids engaged and excited about visiting the capitol of England? Do you want your kids to learn as well as have fun while traveling? Look no further!

Traveling with older kids and tweens is sometimes tough, so get them involved early in the planning process! While this book is written specifically with the young reader in mind (ages 8-13), the interesting and fun facts can be shared with children of any age. Get the entire family excited about the major things to do in London before you leave, and then let them help plan the trip!

Finally! A London travel guide for kids - written especially for them! Hey Kids! Let's Visit London England asks:

Hey Kids! Did you know...
  • London England is one of the most visited cities in the world?
  • There is a trolley partially through the wall to Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross Station?
  • There is a Giant Observation Wheel in the center of the city?
  • There are iconic red phone booths all over London and the United Kingdom?
  • You can actually walk across the "Brockdale Bridge" that was destroyed by the death-eaters in 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince'?

Each section of the book explains some of the history behind the major tourist attractions in London as well as listing some fun and interesting facts about each. Your child or grandchild will be your tour guide with this book! So make sure that they have this book early in the planning phases of your trip as well as when you visit London, England!

But, whether you are planning a trip with your family or just want to know more about London, this book is the perfect way to get started.

Teresa Mills is the bestselling author of the Hey Kids! Let's Visit Series of children's books! This series focuses on building your child's / grandchild's life experiences through travel and learning activities that will enhance their lives forever!!!

The Hey Kids! Let's Visit Series also a visit to Washington DC, New York City, San Francisco, Savannah Georgia, Charleston South Carolina, Paris France, and a Cruise Ship!

Take a look at what other amazon customers say about Hey Kids! Let's Visit London England:

I've always bought travel guides before a trip so that I could research where I wanted to go and what I wanted to see. I love that this travel book is written for children, so that they can do exactly the same. It promotes reading, research, and helps children get excited about traveling to London before the trip. I also like that this London travel guide covers tourist sites that are especially fun for children, as well as historical sites. The fun facts section in each chapter are great, and I even learned quite a bit.~Heidi

Whether you just want to learn more about the area or you are planning a trip to visit, I definitely recommend reading "Hey Kids! Let's Visit London, England." I also recommend taking the book along with you as a reference to use while you are there.~Teresa

This guide is very appealing, and I think my daughter (who is now 19) would also enjoy it as much as she would have when we first went. If you are planning a trip to London with your kids or young adult travelers, this is a good way to figure out what you want to see during your stay. If you are there already, all the better!~Lori

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