The Pastor Takes a Wife: Inspirational Historical fiction by bestselling author (Sewing Sisters Society Book 1)

The Pastor Takes a Wife: Inspirational Historical fiction by bestselling author (Sewing Sisters Society Book 1)
: Ruth Logan Herne
: 92
: Fiction : Drama
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Macy Evers came to Second Chance, South Dakota with a secret... a secret she tucked on the porch of the town pastor, a man known for loving children. Leaving her baby boy on a doorstep was the hardest thing she'd ever done, but single mothers weren't gazed upon fondly in 1888. They drew frowns and whispers. She knew that first-hand because she was the daughter of a single mother and she wanted more for her precious son. Much more. She wanted little Will to have the warmth and sanctity of a real family, and she tucked him onto that stoop, trusting the good reverend would find just that.

She'd come at the bequest of Hattie McGillicuddy, the town seamstress, an independent woman of some means, the kind of woman who reaches back to bring others forward. Macy yearns to be a woman like that, and when her attraction to Will Barber grows, she wonders if this might be God's timing... but when well-meaning pioneers recognize her and wonder where the baby is, Macy has to face the music of deceit. Can the strong, kind-hearted widowed pastor forgive her?

Reverend Will Barber fights regret daily. A kindly man, he left his career as a doctor far behind when he came west. Here, in God's wide open plains, Will can nurture souls. He'll leave the body work to someone else, someone more qualified. But when need arises, Will can't turn his back. He saves a man's life, and the secret is out. He knows his life will change, and maybe that's all right because now... oh, now! There's a woman who's won his heart and his daughter's sweet affection. A woman who tends an abandoned baby as if it were her own... When he finds out that Little Will is Macy's son, disappointment grabs hold. But Hattie McGillicuddy isn't one to sit back and watch foolishness rue the day for younger folks. When Hattie's around, things get put right, right quick, one way or the other. And when Will realizes he's being fairly pompous and judgmental, can he reconnect with Macy so that The Pastor Takes a Wife?

This story was previously published as part of the "With This Spark" novella collection with various other authors.

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