365 Days of Mindfulness to Declutter Your Mind

365 Days of Mindfulness to Declutter Your Mind
: Jamie Stewart
: 177
: Non Fiction : Health
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Declutter Your Mind Today!

The contemporary world is filled with stresses, distractions, and challenges; an increasing number of people are constantly searching for useful and reliable “tools” that can bring clarity, fulfillment and happiness in their life.

How this book is organized? There are the following parts:
Part I: The basics of mindfulness
This chapter helps you to learn the basics of mindfulness, such as the laws of nature, better understanding of the present moment awareness, living in the present moment, and so on. You will start exploring the beauty of mindful living.
Part II: Mindfulness meditation
In this part, you will be able to pick up tips and ways to get yourself motivated to meditate. You will learn the core of mindfulness meditations, as well as the techniques to reap the benefits of mindfulness in your life.
Part III: 36 things mindful people do differently every day
Part III is all about engaging the right attitudes, as well as practical tips that everyone can apply to their life. We will explain all the benefits of practicing mindfulness in day-to-day life.
Part IV: Mindfulness and an attitude of gratitude
As the name says, in this chapter, we will be able to discover how to use the mindfulness practice of gratitude to improve our well-being.
Part V: Bring mindfulness into your day

This is the most creative part of the book, in which we unlock the treasure chest and find out practical ways to live mindfully and happy. It will give a power boost to your mindfulness and meditation practice.

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