The Earl’s Unforgettable Flame: Fire and Smoke

The Earl’s Unforgettable Flame: Fire and Smoke
: Charlotte Stone
: ShermanBrooks Publishers
: 240
: Fiction : Romance
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Can true love truly heal all wounds?

Benjamin Frederickson, the future Earl of Wembley, can't forget that night... The night that changed him...

More importantly, he can't forget that brave little girl who was scarred from the horrible fire.

Catherine Watson. 
The night young Benjamin Frederickson met the victim of a house fire, he has remembered it all of his life... Her spirit has lingered in his memory for years.
Even through his days of rebelling against his father, The Earl of Wembley, as he drinks, gambles, and womanizes.

But when he meets the beautiful Catherine Watson again, still scarred from that fire so many years later, he is enchanted.
But can a woman so remarkable remember a boy she met briefly years ago?

Catherine, however, is less than impressed!Considering herself disfigured and resigned to the idea that she will never marry, she sees his advances as a cruel joke at her expense.

How can any man view her with anything but disgust, especially the dashing future Earl of Wembley?
Will Catherine let the past dictate her future?

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