Under a Dark Star (The Dark Moon Series Book 2)

Under a Dark Star (The Dark Moon Series Book 2)
: Anna Faversham
: 278
: Fiction : Drama
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“She uses language expertly and the result is an immersive experience for the reader. I can’t stress enough how reading this book was like gazing through a window to a bygone era filled with smugglers, scoundrels, gentlemen, and heroes.” Amazon Customer

In 1823, on an island off the south coast of England, there are activities worse than smuggling and all the conflict points to one cruel and ruthless man. The women on the island call him the Dark Star.

Lieutenant Karl Thorsen enlists the help of his old enemy, reformed smuggler Daniel Tynton who infiltrates the gang to defeat the evil that brings poverty to ‘the diamond isle’. Karl is captivated by a French woman ‘owned’ by the Dark Star. The Dark Star takes his revenge.

Sit back, and journey into a dark world.

Book Two of The Dark Moon series

"I loved all the period detail (think Poldark!) and the stories of the smugglers, all totally believable and fascinating. It is an exciting story which grips you right to the end, which leaves you wanting more." Amazon Customer U.K.

Winner in eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook Awards - Best Historical Fiction 2018

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