Rise of a Guardian (The Lost Relics Book 1)

Rise of a Guardian (The Lost Relics Book 1)
: LJ Andrews
: 4 Arrows
: 270
: Fiction : SciFi
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Four, long-forgotten realms are under attack.

There's only one person who can save them.

Just one problem--he doesn't know they exist.

Killian has a hard time fitting in. One day his life is flipped upside down and he is thrown into mystical realms of lost history and ancient magic. But, an enemy of the realms has returned and without realm guardians countless lives are at risk.

Will Killian rise to his destiny, or will darkness overpower the light and the four forgotten worlds be lost forever?

Rise of a Guardian is the series starter that will take fantasy lovers on a clean, epic adventure full of myths, legends, failures and triumphs you will want to read again and again. Download your copy today!

Books in this series:
Rise of a Guardian (Book 1)
Trinity Rises (Book 2)
Rise of the Black Dawn (Book 3)

Lost Relics Short Stories:
The Gateway
Fire and Ice
Hero Lost: Blake's Story

Author Interview

Q: This is your first book ever?

A: Rise of a Guardian is the very first book I wrote. It is my baby, and recently celebrated a birthday!

Q: Where did you come up with the idea?

A: I loved the idea of four realms based on elements. I love magic and also high technology, so I decided to combine all these components into one epic fantasy adventure. 

Q: What was the hardest thing about writing this series?

A: Well, each realm has such diverse personalities and characteristics. At first I found it difficult staying consistent with the characters, but after I really got to know and understand my characters it came a lot easier. I think the realms are really well defined and the characters portray that in the series. 

Q: What is your favorite realm?

A: Oh man, this is hard. I love the realm of Cimmerian because of the silver eyes and magic of course. But I usually have crazy colors in my hair too, so that makes me love the eccentric people of Ignisia too. I don't know they are all awesome!

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