The Other Sound (Balancers Book 1)

The Other Sound (Balancers Book 1)
: N.C. Stow
: 372
: Fiction : General
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What would you say if you were sixteen and an annoying book told you to save the world? A bit of a bugger, what? Well, Tebby is not impressed. She is angry. And she wants to become a Balancer. Anybody can be one. Apparently. You just need to ‘have the knowing’ in order to ‘do the doing’. But things get tricky when she suddenly has to save her best friend from a great Balancing hero.

Follow Tebby across the Yonder Kingdoms and deep into the black heart of the Mire where Reality is too thin for everything to happen and stay happened. Infiltrate a Dark Chapter. Learn more about chickens than is safe for your sanity. And more importantly, save the world.

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