Color Him Dead (A Books Galore Cozy Mystery Book 1)

Color Him Dead (A Books Galore Cozy Mystery Book 1)
: Emma Lee, Nancy McGovern
: McGovern Books
: 155
: Non Fiction : Hobbies
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Anna peered around the corner and saw a man lying on the ground, dead.  In his hand was a bag from Books Galore with an adult coloring book sticking out of the end...


After a call from her uncle to come and work at his popular bookstore, Books Galore, Anna Rosa excitedly informs her cat, Grumpy Sniffles, that they are packing up and moving to the small town of Clayton.  She is excited about this opportunity to begin a new chapter in her life and optimistic about the future.  And, when she arrives in the lovely, little town and sees her beautiful, new apartment, she is even more thrilled than before!

Sadly, it is not all going to be fun & games.

Before she's even had a chance to settle in, her uncle tells her the real reason he's asked for her help:  he's ill and not up to running the store on his own anymore.  It's not exactly the greeting Anna was hoping for when she hit town.  And, to make matters worse, not everyone at the store is so keen on this outsider coming in and jumping ahead of them in rank.

And, oh yeah, there's the dead body that she just found outside the store with a Books Galore bag in his hand.  That wasn't exactly in the cards either...

But, before she knows it, Anna is thrown into a murder mystery that has her questioning everything she'd taken for granted.  And one that just may threaten her own life, as well.

Color Him Dead is "A Books Galore Cozy Mystery" by Emma Lee, author of the "Rainbow Springs Cozy Mysteries" & "Snow Ridge Cozy Mysteries" series.

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