Beyond Science Fiction Complete Anthology

Beyond Science Fiction Complete Anthology
: Dayne Edmondson
: Dark Star Publishing
: 1023
: Fiction : SciFi
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Do you like science fiction and fantasy short stories? How about 100+ of them?

Then this is the anthology/book for you!

Beyond Science Fiction Complete Anthology contains over 100 short stories and novelettes from dozens of authors. The best part is Every story is a sub-genre of science fiction and fantasy. What could be better?

Note: This is the complete compilation of short stories, reviews, artwork and other content published in the Beyond Science Fiction magazine in 2014 and 2015. It contains all published content. Beyond Science Fiction highlights works of the science fiction and fantasy genre. Each story is credited to the individual author and we encourage you to contact the authors (most have contact info in their About the Author section) to tell them you appreciate their creation.

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