The Cardboard Spaceship (To Brave The Crumbling Sky Book 1)

The Cardboard Spaceship (To Brave The Crumbling Sky Book 1)
: Matt Snee, Gregg Chirlin
: Creativia
: 204
: Fiction : SciFi
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Sometimes, Lewis "Captain" Darby crawls beneath an old refrigerator box in the basement and pretends it's a spaceship.

What Captain doesn't realize is that he has a date with destiny.

One April morning, he crosses paths with the mysterious Jennifer Pichon: daughter of the Princess of Saturn.

As the terrifying No-Shape is about to destroy the solar system, Captain and Jennifer join forces to face the jungles of Venus, the perilous Worm Caves and the giant, insect-ridden wastes of Mars.

They alone can save the solar system from certain doom.

Praise for The Cardboard Spaceship:

?????"John Carter meets Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Fast-paced, innovative and exciting." - Theresa, Amazon Review

?????"An imaginative read with intriguing characters. I look forward to the sequel." - Jim, Amazon Review

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