A Time To Kill (Elemental Rage Book 1)

A Time To Kill (Elemental Rage Book 1)
: Jeanette Raleigh
: 261
: Fiction : General
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Sometimes death needs a little push...

Seven years ago Jade and Raven witnessed their father's brutal murder. The killer has returned, and he will stop at nothing to find the power that the Gray family has hidden. Crushed between a nest of vampires and their ancient enemy, the sisters sometimes struggle just to take their next breath.

As Elementals just beginning to understand their potential, the sisters are hunted. Hiding a dark secret and on the run, the sisters are often at odds with each other. They must learn to work together or risk everything.

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Book 1: A Time to Kill
Book 2: A Time to Die
Book 3: A Time to Rend

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