AL CLARK - Thera: (Book Three)

AL CLARK - Thera: (Book Three)
: Jonathan G. Meyer
: Jonathan G. Meyer
: 318
: Fiction : SciFi
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Al Clark is on a mission.

His people have suffered enough, and he is determined to find a solution. Somewhere, there is a place his colonists can live in peace and without fear. He wants them to accomplish more than just survive. It is a task he is determined to complete - or die in the attempt. 

Five years after settling Avalon, the settlers from Earth are still struggling to live on a planet populated by dinosaurs. The deceivingly beautiful world has taught them that paradise comes with a price. 

The welfare of each and every person under his care depends on his finding a better, more forgiving world. 

They left Earth long ago, hoping to find paradise. Now, all they want is - a place to call home.

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