Looking for Henry Turner

Looking for Henry Turner
: W.L. Liberman
: Creativia
: 366
: Fiction : Mystery
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Toronto, 1960. Mo and Birdie are like fish out of water.

Mo is Jewish and sardonic; Birdie's black, thoughtful and gargantuan. They're private detectives.

Henry Turner disappeared eight years ago, and his mother wants him back. Mo and Birdie try to find him; they search high and low.

Mo has family issues; his brother, Eli, is a rotten gambler. He’s in hock to John Fat Gai — the city’s most notorious gangster. Mo and Birdie need to find John’s missing money.

If they do, Eli goes free. If not, he's toast. They’ve got three days. But when Mo's father, Jake, escapes from prison, all hell breaks loose.

The city is known as Toronto the Good. But Mo never sees that side.

Praise from readers:

????? - "This book is more than just a story of murder, lies, drugs, and gangs. Beneath it all, you feel the ties of a deep familial bond and loyalty of friends. A delightful mixture of sleuth and noir."

????? - "W.L. Liberman enters the big leagues with this novel, and he stands the test well."

????? - "Held my interest from start to finish. Enjoyed the way the author made each character come to life. This could be a good movie."

????? - A lot of twists and turns with an unexpected ending. A great read."

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