The Secret of Altamura: Nazi Crimes, Italian Treasure

The Secret of Altamura: Nazi Crimes, Italian Treasure
: Dick Rosano
: Creativia
: 202
: Fiction : General
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It is 1943, and the Nazis control large parts of Italy. Colonel Anselm Bernhardt devotes his attention to stealing Italian art – and having his way with Italian women – but there is one great treasure that he covets even more.

In present day, his grandson swears to make amends for Bernhardt’s crimes, but is bitten by the same temptation. When he begins his search for the mysterious treasure in southern Italy, he discovers a secret that can change the course of history.

Based on historical events, The Secret of Altamura takes you back to the cloud of terror that hung over wartime Italy, and invites you to explore the secrets that were hidden from the Nazi invaders.


★★★★★ - "If you’re a fan of Italy, this book is for you. You’ll see the countryside, taste the food, and live with the people. If you’re a fan of mysteries, this book is for you. It will keep you guessing until the very end. And if you’re a fan of World War II history, this book is for you. You’ll glimpse a part of the Italian campaign through the eyes of the people who lived there. In The Secret of Altamura, Rosano skillfully blends all three themes into one well-written, emotionally engaging narrative."

★★★★★ - "Kept me intrigued with the history of Southern Italy during WW2. Makes me want to visit Italy and discover the culture myself. I'm amazed at the details and research that were woven into the story."

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