The Legend of The Slave King (The Road Back to Effulgia Trilogy Book 1)

The Legend of The Slave King (The Road Back to Effulgia Trilogy Book 1)
: Justin Kauer
: 160
: Fiction : SciFi
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Don't let the light-hearted humor distract you; there is deep meaning far beyond that which is apparent to be found in this book and series! As you consider this, be prepared for a life-changing experience, for you are about to enter into the fireside chat of the old king as he begins to tell the age-old Legend of the Slave King.  As the king shares a story, far beyond belief, those characters come alive to the extent that they dance in the flames of the campfire. Tales of then and now, bravery and treachery, good and evil, and romance and disenchantment become emblazoned on the minds and hearts of those who watch and listen. 

The old king begins, "As we each begin our individual quests in life and try to figure out who we really are in our heart of hearts -- who it is that God knows we may become -- most of us are given a name by which we will be known throughout our lives. So, what is in a name, what happens when that name is lost, and what dangers occur in such a situation?"

As all listen in anticipation, the old king teaches his people of Alban, a young prince who was sold into slavery. Without much more than a name only given to him by his captors, he struggles to gain any memory of who he is (or was). Because of his memory loss, more and more rumors begin to fly in the camp that, aside from being a slave, he may actually be the Slave King of whom it was foretold generations ago. Beyond his own curiosity, Alban toys with the idea only in order to figure out whom he may trust. Especially when the enchanting daughter of the slaver company's owner crosses his path and sparks begin to fly! Still, there are the visions that he's having and the inexplicable but deeply seeded longing to do God's will. Will he be able to remember who he is or at least to find out who betrayed and sold him? Will he be able to endure to the end of escaping to freedom? Is he actually the Slave King from the legend?

This series is best read from book one and continued in succession:
Book One: The Legend of the Slave King 
Book Two: The Hope of Eternal Springs
Book Three: The Road Back to Effulgia

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