The Heir (Fall of the Swords Book 3)

The Heir (Fall of the Swords Book 3)
: Scott Michael Decker
: Creativia
: 330
: Fiction : General
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The future of the Empire hangs in the balance. Separated from birth, the Royal Twins have been raised in opposite corners of the empire.

Meanwhile, bandits continue to lay waste to the kingdom in their attempt to force the Emperor to relinquish the Northern Imperial Sword. Among them is the Noble Bandit, nemesis of Peasant General Guarding Bear. Tasked with rearing one of the twins, the Peasant General wastes no time in preparing the boy for his destiny of ridding the kingdom of the bandits once and for all.

But long-kept secrets are brought to life as the Heir is mistaken for his long-lost brother. As the Heir completes his task, his new rival declares himself Emperor of the northern lands. Their path leads them towards a final confrontation that will forever change the fate of the realm.

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