Paradox: The Alien Genome: Beginnings

Paradox: The Alien Genome: Beginnings
: H S Rivney
: 371
: Fiction : SciFi
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The award-winning tale of the miracle spiral of DNA found in a child born of two worlds.
Her mother's people see her as a harbinger of disaster. Her father's people see her as gold whose DNA will stop a fatal epidemic on Earth. But can they get her there, alive, before it's too late, for everyone?
Genetic Engineering Gone Too Far?
When a genetically engineered, miracle vaccine turned into a death sentence for millions, Captain Tom Jackson, commander of the Science Ship Linus Pauling, leads top scientists to find the off-world cure. After two years in space, a reactor accident leaves him and his crew shipwrecked on an alien planet that revolves backward, and the food is inedible.
Humans Are the Aliens on Beta Hydri IV.
Indigenous peoples leave the noisy beach campers alone except for Rianya, a curious young woman who takes an interest in Captain Jackson. When they fall in love, an unexpected child causes her entire village to erupt in xenophobia, labeling the half-alien baby a jinx to be destroyed.
The child is the key!
But far from it, their daughter's unique DNA is the cure they were looking for all along. Jackson needs to keep his daughter safe from Rianya's people, who want her dead, and a human who'll do anything to exploit her for a profit. Protecting her gets uniquely challenging after Jackson develops a terminal illness. Now survival itself is a race against time to save the girl, the captain, and the children of Earth.
More Science, Less Fiction
Written in the same vein as Michael Crichton's "Jurassic Park" or "Congo", Paradox: The Alien Genome offers a treat for those who also enjoy the old Star Trek storytelling. With a confident captain, a beautiful alien woman, and a unique planet for its setting, the complex story about how a seemingly impossible DNA gene came to be, and how it could change life on Earth, will fascinate you.
Molecules Are Messy
Grounded in real science, discover the importance of chiral molecules, and theories on how and why they exist. The author combines solid biology, chemistry, and the whimsy of Gene Roddenberry in this masterful tale of survival, romance, prejudice, and greed in the 22nd century.

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