Beastly Encounters: Tales from Corny Cove - Tale #1

Beastly Encounters: Tales from Corny Cove - Tale #1
: Alannah Foley
: Alannah Foley
: 71
: Fiction : General
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Beastly Encounters is tale #1 in the Tales from Corny Cove series of fun feel-good reads.

Series Overview

When Henry and Margaret move down south to 'live their dream' on the picturesque coast of Cornwall in England, they soon realise that running a campsite isn't all plain sailing, and Henry regularly ends up getting into scrapes with a host of bothersome campers as well as the obnoxious red-bearded farmer next door… And, of course, he does so all under the watchful eye of Margaret.

All in all, life at Corny Cove is both a blessing and a curse!

Tale #1 – Beastly Encounters

After a busy Easter start to the season on the campsite, Henry relaxes with his newspaper only to discover that the murderous Beast of Bodmin Jail is on the loose. But with a brutish, jealous camper running around on site, Henry isn't sure who his biggest threat is. But what does his wife, Margaret, think?

Read Beastly Encounters as a standalone or get the 5-tale box set which includes bonus 'behind the scenes' insights into the stories.


Pick up the FREE series prequel, Living the Dream, via a link inside to find out how Henry & Margaret travelled round in a camper in hot pursuit of their dreams, only to discover a few potholes on the road to paradise.

Life in a Cornish paradise… What could Possibly go Wrong?

Find out as you join Henry & Margaret in Tale #1 of the Tales from Corny Cove series – Beastly Encounters…

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