Let's Grill Alabama's Best BBQ Recipes

Let's Grill Alabama's Best BBQ Recipes
: David Martin
: The Cookbook Publisher
: 102
: Non Fiction : General
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Bring Alabama’s irresistible barbecue flavors to your table! Your family and friends will be grateful!
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There is just something about barbecue that makes us love and crave it so much. Just the faintest scent of meat grilling over fragrant smoke makes your mouth water. Along with this, there is a type of mystery that surrounds barbecue, little secrets that are kept by the masters of each barbecue region. Alabama is one such region that holds in its heart the secrets to its fantastic barbecue. From the addicting Alabama white sauce to the tang of fresh pickles with slow roasted meat, to the ultimate marriage with other barbecue cultures, Alabama barbecue is one that welcomes all lovers of this smoky style of cooking because it truly offers something for everyone.

Does the sound of Alabama barbecue have you planning your next trip to this robust barbecue region? You don’t need to go any further than this book. Here you will find the secrets of authentic Alabama sauces and inspiration to bring unique southern flavor to a variety of meats and Gulf seafood. Barbecue is as much about culture as it is about flavor. The recipes in this book not only put delicious Alabama barbecue on your plate but fill your soul with happiness and the camaraderie that is infused in Alabaman culture.

Inside find:

•A short history of Alabama rich barbecuing heritage.
•Classic Alabama rubs and barbecue sauce recipes like the Classic Alabama White Sauce or the Smokehouse rub.
•King of Alabama’s barbecue pork recipes like the Pork Shoulder with Pecan infusion.
•Favorite chicken recipes such as the Southern Style Chicken Sliders.
•Satisfying beef recipes like the Sticky Beef Ribs.
•Delightful Fish and seafood dishes like the Alabama Grouper Tacos
•All-star sides like the Refrigerator Dill Pickles or the ‘Bama Slaw
•Easy to make desserts like the Old South Sugar Cake or the Buttermilk Pie

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