Imperfections: Letting Go In 6 Ways

Imperfections: Letting Go In 6 Ways
: Johnny Thompson
: 32
: Non Fiction : General
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How often do you ask yourself? Why is that person better than me? Am I not better? What has he got that I don’t have? How can I be better?

Finding our own imperfections, transforming them and improving them. Looking for ways and means to overcome our self-esteem. Lost and miserable with our lives. No one to turn to.

Fret not as the answers to the above issues or problems can be found in this book.

"Letting Go in 6 Ways", transforming into a “new you”, turning your Imperfections to Perfections.

6 simple achievable ways to learn and practice in improving your life and transforming yourself

This book : Letting Go in 6 Ways
will show you the means and ways of

1. Overcoming your obstacles

2. Releasing your burdens,

3. Sad memories or sadness that you can't get rid of

4. Changes to improve your life

5. Letting Go of your bad habits

6. etc.....

Letting go of unwanted unpleasantness, sadness, bad habits, etc. will be become 2nd nature with constant practice. Life will become better and happier as you transform yourself into a “new you”.

So, grab a copy now. 

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