Traitor's Knife: Five Gems Book 2 (Five Gems Books)

Traitor's Knife: Five Gems Book 2 (Five Gems Books)
: E. Kaiser Writes
: Hearth Books
: 305
: Fiction : General
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-Illustrated by Author-

Secrets. Sabotage. Murder. With Olayin House temporarily turned into a weapons factory, Fia is confronted with the care of three refugee children, an ill-timed visitor, a perplexingly brash messenger that she isn't quite sure what to think of, all while trying to keep her friend’s secrets safe. But when dangerous accidents start to happen, the young apprentice begins to tread a fine line of suspicion. Are saboteurs out to nix the weapons works... and is the incognito crown prince in mortal peril? Winter in the mountain house isn’t as cozy as her apprenticeship was expected to be.

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