Bridgefinders: Creation had an Echo (The Echo Worlds Book 1)

Bridgefinders: Creation had an Echo (The Echo Worlds Book 1)
: Joshua Cook
: Joshua Cook
: 207
: Fiction : General
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Creation had an echo.

Another world, another earth. A world where magic is as common as air, a world ruled by a being known only as the Slyph. Cendan Key, knows nothing of this. He lives in his logic, and dispassionate action. Logic can’t provide all the answers when he is swept into the world of the Bridgefinders. A secret order fighting an eon’s long war with the Slyph, a war they are on the edge of losing forever. Cendan alone can turn the tide of this war, and save not just the human race, but the world itself. That is, if anyone can tell him how.

Fighting a war he can't begin to understand against creatures out of his nightmares, he will need every bit of help he can get. They Slyph isn't about to give up, and with her champion, Grellnot, is poised to finally take what she wants, to merge the two worlds together, to complete creation as she sees it.

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