Coming Darkness

Coming Darkness
: Susan-Alia Terry
: Creativia
: 275
: Fiction : General
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A 900-year-old vampire, a dangerously charming demon, and the Morning Star himself: they are the creatures that haunt human nightmares, but a new threat is coming that even nightmares fear to face.

Kai is having a rough week. His impulsiveness has led to consequences he'd rather not deal with. As a powerful vampire and Lucifer's lover, he views the petty supernatural politics as beneath him.

Lucifer is not inclined to listen when his estranged brothers come begging for help, preferring the comfortable life he has built with Kai. But when the archangels reveal that their Father is missing from Heaven, he realizes he can no longer ignore the family he walked away from.

Kai will have to question everything he thought was true, and whether their love is real. And soon, that may be the least of his problems.


★★★★★ - "So impressed by the sheer complexity of the world, and the mastery with which Terry weaves it all together."

★★★★★ - "An intense, dark, very well executed read."

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