Children of Avalon: The Traveller Series Book One

Children of Avalon: The Traveller Series Book One
: S.E. Wright
: 246
: Fiction : SciFi
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In an alternate realm a darkness is stirring.

On Earth a four year old Kyah was found in an abandoned house with no memory of who she was or how she got there.

But all that changes twenty-one years later when she is shoved through a shimmering door into a realm of fantasy that she thought only existed as stories. Handed a mission by ancient powers, she must figure out how to defeat those intent on bringing the darkness into the light.

In the realm of Avalon, Kyah finds strange and legendary new friends along with new found powers. These powers will help her and her new friends fight the darkness and save a town and its children.

If she survives the encounter with the darkness she will be set on another path to find out who and what she is.

This action-packed fantasy blurs the lines with science fiction twisting legendary heroes and mythical stories into a whole new multiverse.

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