Tuning the Symphony (Tales of the Dissolutionverse Book 1)

Tuning the Symphony (Tales of the Dissolutionverse Book 1)
: William C. Tracy
: Space Wizard Science Fantasy
: 161
: Fiction : SciFi
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Tuning the Symphony is a stand-alone adventure from William C. Tracy's Dissolutionverse series, about an intergalactic assembly of species, connected by music-based magic instead of spaceflight.

Change one note and the universe changes with the Symphony.

One apprentice will become a full majus today. The other will wait months for another suitable challenger. Rilan Ayama is skilled in using her song to change the Grand Symphony of the universe, but her opponent, Vethis, is crafty, and not above a little simple bribery. Though Rilan is counting on the support of her closest friend Origon, he remains absent. She has only a cryptic note saying important matters of his family take precedence, and he needs her help. The mystery pulls Rilan's attention away from the most important test of her life.

Maji create portals between the far flung planets of the Great Assembly of Species, but many places still remain out of easy reach. A search for Origon's brother leads Rilan and her friend across the wilds of one of the ten homeworlds. There, Rilan's fledgling skills are pushed to their limits as they investigate a secret that could bring down all six houses of the maji.

Read the rest of the Tales from the Dissolutionverse! The first five books can be read in any order:
Book 1: Tuning the Symphony (Coming of Age, Adventure)
Book 2: Merchants and Maji (Intrigue, Steampunk adventure)
Book 3: The Seeds of Dissolution: Dissolution Cycle Book 1 (Epic Space Opera, LGBT)
Book 4: The Society of Two Houses (Sherlock Holmes-esque murder mystery)
Book 5: Journey to the Top of the Nether (Jules Verne-style adventure, kid-friendly)
Book 6: (forthcoming 2019) Dissolution Cycle Book 2 (Epic Space Opera, LGBT)

Genres: Space Opera / Fantasy / Steampunk / Coming of Age

Market: New Adult and Adult

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