The Road to Amistad

The Road to Amistad
: Ken Dickson
: 317
: Fiction : General
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Change is coming—a new level of human consciousness that will end suffering and create limitless opportunity. Unexpectedly, the change begins but leaves chaos in its wake. Only a few take it in stride. They are a new breed of human: resilients.

Ken Dickson, an ordinary man who transformed after surgery, feels alone in his fate—until others around him begin to change. Through them, he meets a psychologist with a profound understanding of the phenomenon. The two men conceive a bold plan: construct a sanctuary for resilients to advance the change for the benefit of humanity. After persuading others to join them, they found Primera, a community like no other that rises from the desert near the rugged Estrella Mountains of Arizona.

As Primera blossoms, a scathing article about its unique occupants appears in a notorious tabloid magazine. The article provokes a ruthless criminal, Willy Lemm, who vows to destroy Primera and anyone who stands in his way. Before long, Primera’s inhabitants are battling for their lives and the fate of resilience against a cunning foe who will stop at nothing until Primera is reduced to ash.

Written in a unique biographical style that blurs the line between fact and fiction, The Road to Amistad is an impassioned tale of never giving up that will leave you yearning for an extraordinary future that could be right around the corner.

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