Shiloh's Rising: The Days After the Second Coming

Shiloh's Rising: The Days After the Second Coming
: Sean Elliot Russell
: Shiloh's Rising Publishing
: 399
: Fiction : Drama
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From the moment the eastern skies are split in two, the King's appearance begins a change in the earth long ago foretold. Earth is saved from the brink of complete destruction even as His wrath is poured out on the nations' inhabitants—those who aligned & gave their allegiance to the Grand Premier and his accomplice, the Prophet, through acceptance of the EAM (Economic & Allegiance Mark). Great changes sweep the world as the Great King, Jesus, establishes and reigns from His Throne from His Holy City, Jerusalem.

This is the epic adventure of those who enter into that new world:

-Allister Talbot, a young teen left to fend for himself after the simultaneous deaths of his parents in the western Canadian wilderness, who seeks to find and understand the mystery of the One in the light. In his quest, Allister befriends siblings Jammy and her younger, born-blind brother Billy who accompany Allister to meet the King in the distant land;

-Avidan Ish-Shalom and his family, including his daughter Rebecca and her boyfriend, Jude, native to a war-ravaged Israel, who must come to terms with previously undisclosed mysteries about the Messiah as well as deeply personal losses each endured during the Great Tribulation;

-Ammar, son of King Telom, prince of the Suranan tribe in the southeastern region of Africa, who must travel with his father to Jerusalem in order to stand before the otherworldly King for reasons unknown.

Each must deal in their own ways with the new world with each on a heading that will bring them face to face with the Jerusalem King. But even with perfect shalom established in the world, will ten centuries be long enough for His shalom to enter these peoples' hearts despite their inner conflicts? Will the hindrances be resolved in time for the swarm of danger fast approaching comes—one that will test all allegiances with only the resolute left standing?

Many tales have been told that lead up to the Second Coming. This is the adventure that begins at His Return and takes us on a journey to the edge of Eternity itself. This is Shiloh's Rising.

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