Amish Widow's Hope (Expectant Amish Widows Book 1)

Amish Widow's Hope (Expectant Amish Widows Book 1)
: Samantha Price
: 214
: Fiction : Romance
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Newly widowed Amish woman, Anita Graber, has returned to live with her brother and his family in Lancaster County.
As an expectant widow, she is quite surprised when everyone from the bishop's wife to her brother decides that her baby needs a father. Anita endures many embarrassing moments as she's forced into one awkward situation after another.
Even though another man is the last thing on her mind, she finds a friend in her sister-in-law's brother, Simon. Anita wonders why everyone has rejected Simon as a suitable match for her.
Will Anita finally convince everyone that she and her baby are happy on their own?
Could the man that no one sees her with, be the very man who eventually captures her heart?

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All Samantha Price's books are clean and wholesome.

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