Sophie's Different (James Madison Series Book 3)

Sophie's Different (James Madison Series Book 3)
: Patrick Hodges
: Creativia
: 333
: Kids : General
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Middle school is all about fitting in, and about not standing out. After all, kids can be cruel.

Sophie Devereaux doesn't fit in. She and her two best friends, Marissa and Michelle, are seen as misfits. Things only get worse when Sophie conflicts with Alexis, the most popular girl in school.

Ayden Saunders doesn't fit in. Tragedies have caused him to retreat into the shadows, where he watches his classmates from afar and fantasizes about being a superhero.

When Ayden overhears a plot to ruin Sophie's life, he knows he can no longer sit on the sidelines. The two soon discover that life is not about fitting in, it's about being true to who you are.

2017 Readers' Favorite Book Awards, Silver Medal Winner

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