Markers: A tale of love and revenge

Markers: A tale of love and revenge
: Vi Zetterwall
: CC Productions
: 240
: Fiction : General
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Twenty-three-year-old Ross McBride has a plan in his head and vengeance in his heart. He works sixty hours a week taking care of his mother and brother and the family house. He has no money, no power, and no one he can trust, but he loves his hometown of Granmore and thinks of it as his own.

Fifty-eight-year-old Aston Lindale owns multiple companies in the town and has been mayor for sixteen years. He is beyond rich, controls nearly every facet of life in town, and believes only in himself. Granmore is his town and he is more proud of that than anything else.

In a very short time, Ross will initiate his plan and soon his friend and next door neighbor, Teresa Sanchez, will join him and start heading down a road owned by Aston Lindale. When they meet head on, someone will win, someone will lose, and the State of Washington will never be the same.

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