iPhone 6 Jailbreak (Tweaks, Jailbreaking, Cydia, iOS tips, Unlock Phone)

iPhone 6 Jailbreak (Tweaks, Jailbreaking, Cydia, iOS tips, Unlock Phone)
: Brandon North
: Brandon North
: 28
: Non Fiction : General
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Want to Jailbreak your iPhone 6? Then this is the book for you!

What is Jailbreaking?
Put simply, jailbreaking is a way to remove restrictive features from your iPhone. Apple programs the iPhone with certain features and restrictions for a variety of reasons. Some of those restrictions are in place to enhance the security of your device. But others don’t seem to have a useful function and can be annoying to users who want more from their iPhone.

Jailbreaking allows you to run apps on your iPhone that have not been approved by Apple.

Typically, all iPhones come with settings that allow them only to download apps from those approved and supplied on the iTunes App Store. The App Store has stricter guidelines for which apps are allowed to be sold than other places to download apps, such as the Google Play Store.

Each time a new operating system comes out for the latest iPhone, jailbreak teams set to work coming up with a workaround for the restrictive features. IOS 9’s jailbreak was figured out by Pangu, and you can download an app from them, called Pangu Jailbreak, to jailbreak your own iPhone 6.

Jailbreaking is for people who want to push the boundaries of innovation. Rather than leaving all the technological advancements in the hands of people working at Apple and their partners, you can take a role in the innovation of your own device, creating what you want it to be.

Jailbreaking is a testament to the fact that human intelligence and ingenuity is alive in more than just the few working at the top tech companies.

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