Imagine (Fuzed Trilogy Book 2)

Imagine (Fuzed Trilogy Book 2)
: David Stevens
: Cambridge Free Press
: 343
: Fiction : SciFi
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IMAGINE is the second book of the award-winning trilogy. The first book, IMPACT, was a 2016 Eric Hoffer Award winner and ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year (under the original title Resurrect). These are true stories we hope never happen. A portion of all profits will be donated to non-profits working to protect humanity from these preventable threats.
“The tissue sample appears to contain a complete human genome … but it’s missing half of the normal DNA.”
A man and woman stand on a South American clifftop overlooking the Atlantic. The muted sound of surf rises from below as they hold hands and gaze across the ocean. Silhouetted by the setting sun, hair tousled by a tropical breeze, it would be remarkably romantic … if not for the end of the world.

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