The Empire at War Box Set: British Military Science Fiction

The Empire at War Box Set: British Military Science Fiction
: Christopher G. Nuttall, PP Corcoran, Phillip Richards, Tim C. Taylor
: Castrum Press
: 486
: Fiction : SciFi
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Their Darkest Hour by Christopher G. Nuttall
When alien starships from a hostile interstellar power arrive in orbit, Britain is one of their first targets. Swiftly, the aliens take control of Britain's cities and force the remainder of the British military to go on the run. With the government destroyed, the population must choose between fighting and collaborating with the alien overlords. This is truly Britain's darkest hour.

"Excitement from start to finish!" - Amazon Reader

Discovery of the Saiph by P.P. Corcoran
The Marco Polo leads mankind to Proxima Centauri outside Earth's Solar System where the ship's scientists detect power readings they are artificial, alien and emanate from Planet III... a wasteland that suffered a devastating nuclear bombardment many thousands of years before. Archaeologists discover an alien library deep underground and are astonished to unlock its secrets with human DNA.

"One of the best SciFi books I've ever read!" - Amazon Reader

C.R.O.W. by Phillip Richards
Andy Moralee knew that life with his new company of Dropship Infantry would be hard, but nothing could prepare him for life in one of the toughest units in the Union army. New arrivals, nicknamed 'Crow' by their platoons, are the lowest form of life in his Company, and he finds himself at the mercy of unforgiving commanders and bullies, all the time knowing that the real enemy are waiting for him at the end of his journey through the void. The enemy know that the Union are coming, they have dug in and fortified, and they are ready
"A thrilling ride into the world of battle!" - Amazon Reader

Marine Cadet by Tim C. Taylor.
2565 A.D. When seventeen-year old Marine Cadet, Arun McEwan, forges an unlikely friendship with an alien scribe, he crashes into a world of treachery and conspiracy. How can he possibly survive three more years until graduation when every day brings a new deadly threat? But, survive he must because his new alien allies show him glimpses of his destiny -- a vision of a better future that only he can forge. A dream called the Human Legion
"I could not put it down!" - Amazon Reader

Bonus Short Stories:
Haven One-Eight by PP Corcoran 
A relentless foe seeks to murder the Faithful in their haven, but who are these unstoppable servants of Satan?

The President's Son by Tim C. Taylor. 
The characters in the Human Legion series have been isolated from the rest of humanity for centuries, but their distant ancestors were taken as children from Earth. In The President's Son, a short story exclusive to this collection, we hear the story of that first group of slave children.
Fallen Witness artwork by Andy Bigwood and words by Tim C. Taylor
The third short story in the collection is special. The sumptuous cover artwork for The Empire at War was produced by Andy Bigwood, whose cover art has twice before won the best artwork award from the British Science Fiction Association. Andy has supplied seven fantastic pieces of artwork that are interspersed with the other stories.

Box Set Exclusive Preview-Phillip Richards presents an intriguing peak at his new SF series with the opening chapters of Escape from the Hive.

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